A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill in Media Productions & Performance Study, I moved to California in 2000 for work in broadcasting and landed in Sacramento with the west coast syndicated “Rob, Arnie & Dawn” radio show.  As Lead Producer, I started out creating multi-cam videos of the hosts doing the show as a bonus feature for the show’s website.  The overwhelmingly positive response from the listeners quickly lead to weekly, then daily video features on the show’s now two multi-media websites.  In 2007, I made the jump to Creative Director in charge of all video projects.

Since that time, working with the radio show and as a freelance producer, I’ve created over 1,200 videos ranging from simple video blogs to fully produced web documentaries, commercials, weddings and even home makeover videos for construction companies looking to showcase their work.  The videos featured on this site are a snapshot of my past work, but I’m always looking to take on new challenges and produce videos unlike any I’ve ever done.  Home base for me now is Somerville, Massachusetts, but I welcome to opportunity to travel.  For more information on my professional background, feel free to check out my resumé page, or click here to contact me.